This is the best of Acapulco Nightlife:



3.) BABY'O


Here are some links to  Florists:

1.) ARTE Y DISENO (52) (744) 481-0292 or 484-9992  They speak English

2.) FLORERIA ACAPULCO (52) (744) 484-4474 (Fax) or 484--1481  & 481-2599 or

3.) FLORERIA LOTO (52) (744) 486-7560 or 486-7561

4.) FLORESTA (52) (744) 485-9536

5.) XOCHIMILCO (52) (744) 482-0414

6.) The Central Market has lots of fresh flowers. It is on the corner of Ave Rio Cameron & Constituyentes.


I would recommend this Hairdresser:

ARTURO JUAREZ  Costera Miguel Aleman #78, Local 1 CP 39690  Tel: (52) (744) 484-4450


This is the best Entertainment that we have found:

The number for the Cuban group  (See my website to see Jerry's Birthday Party)                .

They just made a website. It is <>

The person that you should contact is Fransisco Renteria. Try to go before and see the show at his show bar on the Costera.

He also does catering and has several restaurants including the Palau on Roqueta Island.

His office number is 011 52 744 486-1794

His cell phone is 011 521 744 112-6497


Here are some links To Caterers:

1.) Susana Palazuelos(52) (744) 484-1860 or 484-1245  They speak English

2.) Eric Galindo (52) (744) 484-8824 or 484-1531

3.) Banquetes Olguin (52) (744)


Here is the Judge's Info

C.P. Heidy Veronica Paz Corrales

Retorno Tehuacan  Lote 11 Mz 73 (This is only a few blocks away from House)

Col. Jardin Mangos CP 39412

Acapulco, Gro.

Cell: (744) 115-3093 (From US: 011 521 744 115-3093)

Phone: (744) 502-1266

Cost: M-F 9AM to 3PM at the house $510.00 Pesos

Cost: After 3PM or Saturday or Sunday at the house $762.00 Pesos


This must be done 4 business days before Ceremony.

1.) Both of your Birth Certificates

2.) Passports and Visas of both

3.) Prenuptial Certificate (App. for Lic.)

4.) Clinical Analyses of blood test for HIV & Venereal Disease (There is a clinic almost next to Judge's Office)

5.) Two Witnesses over the age of 18 years old for each of you. (4) with official ID (Passport)

6.) if either of you are divorced, bring your divorce decree.


Applying for a Marriage License in Mexico

How to Get Married in Mexico

If you've just set a date for your wedding, this can be an exciting time for the two of you! Don't let the marriage license laws of Mexico put a dent in your wedding plans. Here's what you need to know and what documents to bring with you before you apply for a Mexico marriage license. We recommend getting this legal aspect of your wedding out of the way about a month before your wedding date.

Congratulations and much happiness as you begin your lifetime journey together!

ID Requirements: 

If you are not a resident of Mexico, you will be asked for a Tourist Card/Visa and a valid passport.

The airlines will provide you with your tourist card if you are flying in. If you are driving, you will have to get one in Mexico.

The documents will be kept, so don't bring originals.


A marriage in Mexico is legal only if it is a civil ceremony performed at a local Civil Register Office (Oficina del Registro Civil). You can have a religious ceremony later. You can get the judge from the Registro Civil to perform the ceremony at the house for a fee.

Residency Requirement: 

None. If a foreigner wishes to marry a Mexican citizen, s/he needs to have authorization from the National Institute for Migration (Instituto Nacional de Migración).

Waiting Period: 

Two to three days. Varies from state to state. Plan for getting the paperwork all arranged. It generally takes at least 3 (three) working days to have your paperwork and documents processed.

Previous Marriages: 

If you have been divorced, you need to wait a year before applying for a marriage license. You will also need a certified copy of your divorce decree or certified copy of death certificate of deceased spouse.


A blood test for RPR, and HIV and Thorax (chest) X-rays are required in Mexico. It is recommended that these tests be done in Mexico 2 days prior to your wedding.


You need two witnesses over the age of 18. Your witnesses also need to provide identification.


Weddings are not performed on Sundays.

Under 18:

Parental consent is required if either applicant is under 18.


Approximately $200 (US Funds.)

Proxy Marriages:


Same Sex Marriages:


More Information:

Mexican Touristm Board
Phone: 800-446-3942 or 212-755-7261


Inicio > Trámites y Servicios > Lista de trámites > Formato

Imprimir documento

Dependencia/organismo o entidad


Tràmite o Servicio que se presta


Nombre del trámite o servicio

Trámites de actas de nacimiento, matrimonio, defunción, constancia y copias fotostáticas.

Tiempo de respuesta



Actas de nacimiento, que requiere el público así como constancias de inexistencia de registros.


Copias de las actas según el trámite a realizar.


Nacimiento, matrimonio y defunción $ 43.00, consta

Area donde se proporciona

Coordinación Técnica del Sistema Estatal del Registro Civil.

Domicilio oficial

Edificio "Juan Alvarez", Planta baja,
Calle Zaragoza esquina 16 de Septiembre, Colonia Centro, C.P. 39000, Chilpancingo, Gro.

Horario de atenciòn

8:00 a 15:30 horas de lunes a viernes.


(01-747) 47-2-44-55 y 47-1-03-02

Fundamento jurìdico

Ley Reglamentaria del Registro Civil, Código Civil, Códigos de Procedimientos Civiles.


Se atiende de 80 a 90 usuarios diariamente.